Monday, August 16, 2010

Everything is connected part two

I love being a grandmother.  Even if I'm not a babysitting and knitting kind of granny, summer visits are still a great joy.  Not surprisingly, my granddaughter loves to tell stories as much as she loves animals:)    She can, with very little encouragement, delight us all by rattling off the back story for each and every one of the nine pets here.
Like every grandmother, I am hoping the world will be a better place for my daughter's daughter.  To be perfectly honest, that's the underlying reason I do the sites and the blogs.
Coming out of the gate, I am hoping that Ontario will be famous for having enough sense to rescind BSL.  While I love my family, following them to the land of BSL was out of the question. Both my big dogs would have been killed or sentenced to a horrible life in a research lab because of Pound Seizure if we were in Ontario. 
Don't think BSL in Ontario should matter here in Nova Scotia?  Think again.  Its important to remember that BSL made a dandy diversion to distract Ontario voters from the inability of the Ontario Liberals to successfully address the gang related crime issues.  In a province where the NDP bobsled team seems to have no qualms about taking politically expedient steps to kill animals, animal loving Nova Scotia voters need to pay Very Close Attention to what their municipal councillors are doing.
After all, as my friend Joan has already pointed out, the Municipal Government Act ( in section 175 1(e) - 175 (1) Without limiting the generality of Section 172, a council may make by-laws(e) defining fierce or dangerous dogs, including defining them by breed, cross-breed, partial breed or type;
 In other words, if we snooze we could really lose. Those of us with 'pittie type dogs' could find our insurance rates hiked, our current dogs permanently required to be muzzled off our own property and of course that doesn't begin to cover how quickly the dead dogs would pile up.
Even if we can manage to keep the wolves from our own door, so to speak, we still live in a mobile society.  People who aren't planning on moving can be one plant shutdown or company closure from having to head out of province for work.  So BSL in another province definitely can still impact on us all.
And of course there are all the hard working members of the military who are serving their country.  In these dangerous days they are often putting their own lives on the line ( and before the keyboards catch on fire kindly remember that it is the politicians who make the agendas... not the soldiers )  Yet at any time, any member of the military can be posted to a base in the land of BSL.  How many of them have had to give up their dogs before going ... or lost their dogs after they moved?   If there was one single solitary politically expedient reason for Ontario to rescind BSL, that would be it, eh?
What time is it?  Its always time to remember that Ostriches nearly became extinct because they buried their heads in the sand.  



and it is a shame that no military folk will step up and speak out about this issue - how they were affected by BSL in Onscario ... in fear of being sanctioned and chastized. Hoping against all hope that one day a person that has honourably served our country and is retired will demand answers from our legislators.

Curtiss said...

Well, I am Active Duty and i di recently loose my dog, but my move wasn't too recent, about a year ago. But maybe it did effect her, because she never used to sneak out and run off like she has since we've lived here... I really didn't even notice until i just read this post... Well I really hope that wouldn't happen to her, but she is just a chihuahua, soooo... Maybe you can help by viewing my post and maybe sharing it on...

Lost Chihuahua

Old Maid said...

Hi Curtis,
We're up here in nova Scotia Canada, but here is a site that you can use:
I would also highly recommend that you go to which has the absolute best information i have found anywhere for finding a lost dog .... so much so that I have it on my site ( with permission of course ) for homeless pets here in nova scotia
Good luck
PS ... you should start a face book group .... such as the one i had listed last week for Abigail when she was lost.

Curtiss said...

Thank you Old Maid, as i have pretty much read the whole Missing Pet Partnership site, and sooo many others, the only thing is that word of mouth travels so fast, and i'm really surprised i haven't found a site specific to sharing data in these situations where all pictures and data is just passed on to the next so that eventually someone within the scope of where the missing pet could be is contacted. Which would also trigger the TPI (Two Person Integrity) effect where it is less likely for wrong doing if somebody else knows that you are doing wrong. Also a perfect example of the data matrix thing, your in Nova Scotia, but I've been in contact with you in a very short time, and if i was sitting here monitoring my computer even better, well, it would have even been sooner. Point is I think people could help out a lot in these situations with very little effort involved.

Now, Rock the CC, I'm pretty sure people have spoken up, but do you really think that the military would let that go public? No way, the military can't give itself a bad image, I mean look at how bad an image was presented in earlier years, the government would never let the public get a hold of that information these days...

PS, sorry for such the long comment.