Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pet Projects is having a Week Long Adoptathon

Do you remember last winter when Noah was rescued from his horrible old life? ( Unchaining Noah ) The same kind folks who changed his life have been working hard to make Shelbourne County a better place for the animals. They rescue. They rehome. They do TNR. They spay and they neuter.
P.E.T. PROJECTS definitely think outside the box. They do have a small donated shelter, but they quickly realized they could get a lot more bang for their rescue buck by using fosters instead and reserving the shelter for adoption fairs and fundraisers.
They'll tell you that off site adoption fairs work. How do they know that? Because they have tried it of course ... and if they can get pets adopted in a little village well off the beaten track, who know what the possibilities would be elsewhere, eh?
Once again they are trying something new. With a waiting list of good pets in need of their help ... they have rolled up their sleeves and sent this poster out for their week long Adoptathon.
If you are full up and aren't looking for a new best friend, Click Here to download the printable poster for the Pet Project's Adoptathon and help them out by posting it wherever you can.
Who knows but that you just might make the difference for Cali, who was dumped down a dirt road, or kittens like Brother Bob and Sister Sue who needed to be bottle fed to survive, or MR BIG, SNICKERS OR 'OH HENRY' who are cats that were rescued on a COLD WINTER DAY IN JANUARY!!!
What time is it? Its always time to get behind those who are willing to go the extra mile for the animals.

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