Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Teatime notes

What a beautiful day for working outside. There are only three fence posts left to dig for Ruby and Henry's new play yard ... but before two of them can go in the ground there is a raised bed that needs relocating. If I've learned anything in fifty four years its that any project involving a shovel is going to be hard work.... so I am glad of a break now and then for a tea.
The folks at CAPS have been busy while I've been working on the fence .... so it is only just now with this cup of tea that I've noticed they have their own little special bit during September to help some of their 200 kitties find Forever Homes .... basically its a buddy program so that anyone adopting two cats together gets a fifty percent discount on the second kitty's adoption fee, so:
  • two adult cats, who would normally have an $80.00 fee each can be adopted together for $120.00
  • two kittens, who would normally have a $100.00 fee each can be adopted to the same home for $150.00

They have also started another very cool thing .... every Friday there is a Farmer's Market in Middleton and now CAPS has a booth there each week from 2 until 6 pm.

There are also a couple of other things happening for the animals this weekend:

But for now, everyone's been petted and hugged ... the teacup is empty and its time to finish the day's project.

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