Thursday, July 8, 2010

What's good for the goose....

On a hot day like this, its easy to forget why I planted so many lovely things around the yard.  Even with the ride on, it takes twice as long to navigate around the gardens and shrubbery than it would if I had a clear and unobstructed path. 
But ... on a hot day like this, even before things have reached their mature size, there is always a lovely little bit of shade.   Shade that comes with a view ... from the earliest tulips to the last fall flower, something is always in bloom until the real hard frosts of fall.
Its almost frosting on the cake that this greenery also attracts wildlife of all shapes and sizes and species.
No matter what way one looks at it, its well worth all the extra time and energy.
One of the things I like about Kijiji is that it saves me a lot of time.  An ongoing yard sale with a searchable database ... gee that's almost as much fun as going to Frenchies.   My best friend's dog ate his couch?  No problem ... we found on on Kijiji and if it happens again no one's out a lot of money, eh?  From toddler beds for my dogs to the funny wood framed couch to replace the one my eldercat peed on, its been ever so useful time after time.
Does that mean I think its a great place for anyone to find a pet?  Of course not!  The bargains and the curbside guarantees that are so well suited to THINGS only create a round robin of problems for animal rescuers.  
If there is one single thing that the folks who do frontline animal rescue all agree on, it is the need for legislation to ban the traffic of living breathing sentient beings in the free online ad sites.   They have tried "asking nice" and it is clear that only legislation will put an end to this practice.
But wait a minute.  More than one of the tnr folks use it to find homes for their adoptables.   Seriously .. I nearly fell out of my chair when I realized that.
Why?  Its easy and its free and the site gets a lot of traffic.  Hmm .. what does that sound like? 
Petfinder is easy and free and the site gets a lot of traffic.  And before the keyboards catch on fire, individual cat rescuers and small groups without petfinder listings can use the free Petfinder Classifieds to list their adoptables.
Right now, if one runs a petfinder search for Nova Scotia, there are NO listings. ( although in all fairness there have been a few listings in the past)   Judging by the pages of the 'free to a good homes' there could be pages of Petfinder listings for this province.
In the course of updating the homeless pet site, I'm in and out of Petfinder more than the average bear ... and being the kind of girl I am, when I find a glitch or have a suggestion, I email them.  I was delighted to find out that if traffic ever warranted it, there could be a time when the lovely Petfinder web widgets could include their Classified listings.
But I'm wandering afield here.   Petfinder is like e -harmony in that visitors to their site are already 'looking for love'.  Even better, visitors to Petfinder are LOOKING to adopt a pet and already understand that pet adoption is a Good Thing.
Its really not that hard for any group to get a listing ... even if they aren't a registered Non Profit.   Its even easier to use the Petfinder free Classifieds.  
The other day I was talking to a good friend who has worked frontline rescue for a long time and she was saying that her group has actually declined donations and offers of help from companies and trainers whose stated goals and practices are contrary to her group's.  
Listing pets for adoption on Kijiji is no different than that.  This practice lends a very thin veneer of respectability to Kijiji that that undermines all attempts by the animal rescue community to ban the traffic of living breathing sentient beings in free online ads.  
When I was in the military, this type of thing was referred to as stepping on one's own d***
What time is it?   Its time to remember the rescue mantra that is always being used " be part of the solution, instead of being part of the problem"

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