Thursday, March 15, 2012

Urgent .... Emma needs our help!

A few years ago, when I turned fifty, I found out first hand how difficult losing a mother could be.   Even though I had already lost one parent and was at an age where it was a more common peer experience .... it was still a rough row to hoe.
There is always a small silver lining for every cloud.   There was never a question of what would happen to Mom's elderly little cat ... of course she came here.   Mocha was as tiny and fragile as her owner had become, but at least she was able to live out her last days in peace and comfort.  
Chris Clattenburg was lucky to have Emma to help him cope with the loss of his mother from cancer.  Noone expects to lose their mother at the age of fifty nine and throughout that dark time, Emma kept him connected.  
Emma is only eight, but she is now facing a life threatening medical problem that happily CAN be fixed.  For some folks, a two to three thousand dollar vet bill would take a bite out of the budget.  For Chris, who works as a painter, it is well out of the realm of achievable objective.
When the animal loving community first saw Chris' ad on Kjijii begging for help, their initial scepticism led to some investigation.   In a world full of internet scams .. who could be faulted for that, eh?
Upon investigation, it was discovered that this IS a legitimate set of circumstances ... and as a result, a facebook group has been set up to help spread the word.
If you are able provide financial support to Chris and Emma, a trust account has been set up through Scotiabank. The transit number is 70193 and the account number is 0051217. No amount is too small.

If you would like more proof of Emma's treatment or the validity of the account, you can contact the Eastern Shore Veterinary Hospital in Porters Lake (902-827-4257) or Bryant Clarke at Scotiabank (902-420-2089).
What time is it?  In a world where so many would simply abandon a sick pet, it is time to pull out all the stops and share this so that the power of social networking can help save this dog's life. 
Being a man or a woman is a matter of birth.   Being a man or a woman who makes a difference is a matter of choice.  Byron Garrett

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