Saturday, January 23, 2010

Visually impaired kitten missing from Yarmouth SPCA

Yarmouth SPCA concerned about missing blind kitten

by Carla Allen/The Vanguard
The Yarmouth SPCA is concerned about the whereabouts of a visually impaired kitten that was taken from the shelter without completion of proper adoption papers on the afternoon of Wednesday, Jan. 20.
“The kitten’s well-being is our utmost concern,” said president Frieda Perry.

“We welcome the opportunity to ensure the kitten is healthy and is safely returned with no questions asked.
Flower is a domestic medium-hair, white, grey and black tiger. She is small and only three-months-old. Anyone having information on this kitten is asked to contact the Yarmouth SPCA at 902-742-9767
One can only hope and pray that this story ends as well as the last time ... just last year ... when someone broke into the shelter at night and removed a dog from the premises.
But this is the thing ... during the day, how do you protect the animals without treating potential adopters like criminals? Would it be too off putting to ask visitors to sign in, with a piece of id? In all honesty, I have no idea if Yarmouth does, but in many places the volunteers are already screened and have to sign in each time.
Perhaps ... if the cat room is heated, there could be a coat rack outside for visitors.
After all, its a hard enough world out there to be a cat. They should at least be safe after they are rescued, eh?
Here's hoping that in Flower 's case ( whom I might add according to her bio is not yet spayed ) that the no questions asked approach helps her story end well.

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Lily said...

Here's the link to the Facebook group if anyone wants to join and/or share. We figure if we can get the word out to as many people as possible, we can increase the chances of a happy ending to this story.