Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Little Rescue that Could

I love February. I know it can be cold and I truly doubt that this weekend's weather was the last storm of the season. Unlike Europe, we are still a country mile from anything remotely resembling the first signs of spring.
Or are we? In spite of the new blanket of snow, the first little hints are all around us. The "February Birds" .... the juncos and all the lovely varieties of grosbeaks and finches ... are starting to find their way back out of the deep woods and out to the bird feeders. Seed orders are starting to be pared down to something more sensible.... what we used to refer to in the military as a 'more achievable objective'. Best of all, instead of full dark, we can savour the prettiest twilights of the year now during our after supper strolls.
If you really want to drive the cold winter away and see the promise of something better, give yourself a treat and visit the new P.E.T. PROJECTS website. These people understand that there is no one single magic solution that will make a better world for the animals.
Look at their front door! To start with ... adoption is only PART of these folks are offering. Their resource center definitely raises the bar. As well as offering information and suggestions, these folks are also:
  • asking people to report a cat colony because Pet Projects does TNR
  • offering spay neuter subsidies .... visitors can apply online
  • providing emergency vet care subsidies ... once again with an online application
  • offering emergency foster care ... once again with an online form
  • running a Roof over Rover program to try to help the dogs living outside in their area
  • offering to partner with pet owners to rehome chained dogs
  • willing to come talk about advocacy issues or humane education to any and all interested groups

If adopters can't find the pet of their dreams in their virtual adoption room , then there is a PET Match service that is offered on the site.

Like any other rescue group, these folks are powered by volunteer love ... unlike many others, they are upfront and specific about the ways anyone can help. Their volunteer positions are detailed enough to include the time commitment expected .... with a wide range from an hour a month and upwards for interested applicants to pick from.

When my daughter was a little girl, I used to read her a classic old children's story about a stranded train that was looking for an engine to haul it up over the mountain. After all the big shiny strong ones refused, a little engine said that she would give it a try .... chugging up with all her might while chanting ' I think I can, I think I can, I think I can .... "

On the way back down the mountain, she proudly chanted " I thought I could..".

Not unlike P.E.T. PROJECTS .... who 'think they can' keep the numbers of homeless pets down by helping pet owners keep the pets that they love.

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