Monday, February 1, 2010

The best things in life are worth the extra effort

Oscar loves laying on the raised edge of the wood stove hearth ... but he hasn't got an aggressive bone in his body and will quickly surrender his spot to anyone who elbows him aside.
From the first, it was clear that this sweet and gentle soul didn't have even a smattering of kitty street smarts. He was so thin and so scratched up and limping so badly when he first showed up here.
To this day, I'm not sure whether Dora saved his life by sharing the food I put out for her with him, or if he saved her life by helping her not to be afraid of me. Like the cowardly lion, Oscar was a reluctant hero who did his level best to protect little Dora from visiting toms until I was able to get my paws on her and get her spayed. ( the subject of how very young a female cat is when she can start to go in heat is a well worn topic that is still deserving of its own post on another day )
But I am wandering afield here. Why am I babbling about Oscar when these are very clearly not pictures of my (now ) sleek and handsome tuxedo fellow? This morning, I received an email from a friend about a sweet fellow named Lefty who really, really reminds me of Oscar.
Lefty was lucky enough to be scooped up in the latest TNR done by Sonya from SCAR. Why is he available for adoption? Doesn't the R in TNR stand for Return?
Of course it does, but sometimes common sense has to prevail. It quickly became evident that Lefty wasn't part of the feral cat colony. He was badly wounded, his tail was fractured and he had a broken tooth. Sadly, the spirit of this formerly tame cat has also been broken and SCAR wants his new family to be willing to take whatever time is needed to build trust with this sweet and handsome boy.
He has been tested, vaccinated and neutered. He has been given antibiotics and his physical wounds are beginning to heal. He is responsive to a gentle touch and just needs the security and love of having his own family. If you believe that you are willing and able to share such a rewarding journey with this great guy, contact
I could almost envy the person who will be wise enough to recognize this sweet boy's potential. Long after the flowers have wilted and the chocolates are gone, Lefty will still be able to warm up a kind heart.


Jewel said...

Lefty sounds so much like my Rusty. After fostering him for 6 months and gaining his trust, he permanently became a part of my family of felines and canines. I couldn't let him go back to square one after coming so far from the timid cat who hid under a bed for days. He has become such a confident cat who still doesn't like to be picked up BUT looks forward to head scratches, sleeping on the chair next to me and the companionship of 3 feline sisters and three canine brothers. He is happy and very contented and in his "furever" home.
I am sure Lefty will also warm to a gentle loving person who will give him the time to trust again. Rusty is proof that it can happen. How I wish I lived closer to at least foster Lefty until the perfect home is found!

Ang said...

We fostered a cat named Ruffian for Sonya and my in-laws fell in love with him and adopted him. He was very scared at first, being feral originally. He hid in their basement for a month, only coming upstairs to eat after everyone had gone to bed. Then one day he came up stairs to lay in the sun and that was that. Now you're lucky if you can get him off your lap. He is the most affectionate cat I know. It took a month of waiting and letting him be, and I am sure Lefty would also warm to a family that just gave him time to adjust.