Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Here kitty kitty

Do you remember Becky and Huck from the post Stepping On Caterpillars ?  Well in a few days it will be June, and that means that these two little adventurers ... who so narrowly escaped a Horribly Unhappy Tail ... will soon be available for adoption from CAPS.  After everything that these two have been through, CAPS is looking for someone with enough room in their heart ( and their home : ) to adopt them both.   ( Scroll down for more Becky and Huck eye candy :)
Its very good timing for Becky and Huck that CAPS is still running its BOGO for all of their kittens and cats.  What does that mean?  CAPS already has one of the most reasonable adoption fees around at $80.00 for adult cats and $100.00 for kittens under six months of age.   With the BOGO, one pays the full fee for the first cat or kitten and the fee for the second cat or kitten is reduced by half.
In plainspeak ... one can adopt two adult cats for a total of $120.00 and two kittens like Huck and Becky together for $150.
But really its not even about the money.  In this busy world ... two cats who are already friends make great pets for folks who have to work, go to soccer, flyball, etc.    Just like the marines ... noone is never left behind alone, eh?
Nor will things seem so strange for new pets when they can bring a pal they already know with them.
And of course there is the thing that somehow seems to escape the people who complain about any of the cat adoption fees ... and that is the simple fact that whether they are at the low or the high end of the range, they are ALL still a Very Good Buy.
When I adopted Morgan from SHAID, her adoption fee was $150.00.  She was already tested, health checked, vaccinated and spayed.   I live in an area where vet costs are lower than the city, and go to one of the most reasonable animal clinics in the area. 
Last year when I had Dora and Oscar tested and wormed and vaccinated ... and Dora spayed, I easily spent five hundred dollars.   And that was with a small discount on Dora's spay that Melissa so generously allowed and of course with the fact that we had discovered that Oscar was already neutered.
No question, wherever you live, adopting from a reputable rescue is a great way to go.  Granted that most people reading this blog are already awakened to the joys of pet adoption, but there is still a couple of Very Important Things that they can do.
Its easy to forget the power of word of mouth ... and yet it carries at least as much sway as what is written in the media.   If you are already full up, you can also post his or her Petfinder profile on facebook.  If you have a blog or a website, you can include the free featured pet generators and custom scroll lists that are so user friendly and easy to install.
What time is it?  Its always time to remember that every cat adopted from rescue into a new family represents a small step forward to slowing the "annual river of cats"

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