Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So many great ways to help homeless animals in ns

What a beautiful morning it is becoming! From chilly first frost to almost twenty degrees by mid morning, the day is certainly a nice change from yesterday. One of the best bits about being retired is that the time I can spend outside with my dogs is weather driven instead of being squeezed into a work schedule.
But even though I'm retired ... and even though I'd like to think I'm a compassionate human being ... I still can't adopt every dear pet in need that I see. There are names for people like that and none of them are nice : ((( In fact, that's a guaranteed way to wind up on Live at Five with the SPCA van in one's dooryard.
So how can a person help ... when they have already found the right balance of pets for their personal lifestyle? You'd be surprised how many different and neat little ways that there are out there now to help a homeless pet in Nova Scotia, besides the obvious bits of donating cash or items from group and shelter wish lists:
  • CAPS has started a program where kind hearts can sponsor one of their adoptables in foster care
  • As always, SHAID is leading the way by utilizing the sponsorship option on their petfinder listings so helping is as easy as clicking a mouse
  • ARC has a really interesting online auction ( as well as their ever popular jewelry selection )
  • The LA Shelter has a fence fixing program on right now and is offering sponsorship of said fence, at ten dollars a foot, on the front door of their site
  • The TLC shelter also has a sponsorship program for its adoptables,
  • Not sure what to do with your gently used baby blankets and fleece? The Pick of the Litter society can always use them.
  • East Coast German Shepherd Rescue has started a sponsorship program on its lovely new website
  • Bide A While has all kinds of monthly options available, both for individuals and corporations,
  • Pet Projects have a truckload of clever ideas. You can click HERE. to download a printable poster of one of their adoptables to print and display. They are always looking for dog house donations for their Roof over Rover program
  • Every TNR group in the province would be delighted to have a donated shelter for feral cat colonies ... for helpful construction tips, go to
  • and of course, even if you have 'no room at the inn" for adoption or fostering, you can volunteer to transport animals for your favourite group.
  • The Metro Shelter has started a very cool Kennel sponsorship program ... see poster below. You can also help Metro this month by buying one of the awesome special community cupcakes that Susie's Shortbreads are offering

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