Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Hitchhikers Guide to the Kitty Universe

Hey there ..... my name is Peanut and I would like to take you on a Hitchhikers Guide to to the Kitty Universe.   I was trying my luck by the edge of the road one night when the Annapolis County Animal Control Officer stopped to give me a lift.  Heh heh heh .... I sure gave him a run for his money and we had such a lovely game of hide and seek that he needed his flashlight to find me in the bushes.
I was just a five week old pipsqueak and I really don't think I was old enough to hear the kind of things everyone had to say about me being out and about on my own.
What do I know, eh?  I was having lots of fun playing on the highway ... but every time my foster Mom starts talking about it, she winds up picking me up and giving me a little hug.  She says that I'm just like a little cotton ball to hold.
I'm still learning the ropes ... but apparently humans already know that the only way NOT to have kittens is by doing something simple called a spay or a neuter.    We cats are pretty darned clever and its just wishful thinking for anyone to think that trying to keep us in the house is any substitute for that!
From where I stand ... it looks like you  humans think you are the boss of the universe.   You're a lot bigger than me.   You know how to open a door and let me in the house ... or drop me out of the car as it happens :(   You're the ones that can go hunt for food at something called the store. 
You're the ones with the money ... so I guess that does make you the boss.  We cats can't even open the door to the vet clinics , let alone pay for anything... so if you want to be in charge .. that has to be your job.   
So if you humans KNOW all this, why did Mama "Ida Red" have her babies in an Apple Basket   You humans need to do a better job of things if you want to be in charge, eh?  
So its a very good thing that CAPS has decided to extend its BOGO for all of us ... kittens and adults.   What does that mean?  That means that if you fall in love with one of us, the adoption fee for one of our pals will still be cut in half.
You humans sure have a lot to learn .. but you Might Just be getting somewhere after all.

The Apple Gang

Maybe today will be our lucky day

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