Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Its been a busy month here between the garden and getting the new version of the homeless pet site ready to go.  After all this good rain, the weeds aren't completely under control, but I'm happy to say that the new site is pretty much good to go.  
What does that mean in practical terms?  For regular site visitors there will be a brief time today when they only get to see a "well phooey this isn't what you were expecting page" ...but when you do that will only mean that the new site is within an hour of being launched.
Why the new site?   As a self taught amateur, I've learned a lot of new skills since the site started.  But for free or for hire, if a thing is worth doing its worth doing well, eh?  
Like an old European town, the site has grown so gradually that its easy for visitors who don't already know their way around to miss much of what's there. 
I have always felt that the thing that visitors love the best is being able to see the faces.  That hasn't changed except that the pics are a little bit bigger.
In some ways the song remains the same.  Its a commercial free, bot free site so that visitors can safely explore to their hearts content.  There is no reason to start offering animal lovers listings of commercial services here in NS when there are already good sites around that do that so very well.  And yes ... site visitors still won't see enough dog politics to deter the kind hearts who simply want a nice pet.
Does that mean that the site won't grow anymore?  Of course not.  Anytime I see a different opportunity to promote the pets, I will still seize the day:)  After all... the site is as much a part of my personal small struggle as the blogs, hmm?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your tireless efforts on behalf of the animals Janet! I rarely post a comment but always read and I check out your homeless pets site on a regular basis.