Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happiness is always a warm and snuggly beagle ....

Hi there .... my name is Patches and I love my new life with my foster Mum, even if she did put this goofy hat on me!    Sheesh .. she could put me a pink frilly dress for all I would care!   Until I was rescued by the kind folks at ARC, I had no idea how wonderful it was to be safe and warm!
For the first time ever, I do not have to worry where my next meal is coming from!  
Please don't get me wrong ... I am not just working hard to learn the ropes for food!   No sir!   I had no idea that people could be so kind ... and that the touch of a human hand could be so gentle and full of love!
We beagles are famous for being smart ... but sometimes we really are like second class dogs.   Sheesh ... it is only in the comic strips that beagles actually like to sleep outside in the winter on top of their dog houses.  Good grief ... you would think folks would understand that because we beagles do not really run around pretending to be WWII fighter pilots either, eh?
The truth is that we little beagles are not really built to live outside.   Have you ever seen a beagle with a big shaggy coat?   Nope!   We have such thin little coats that we really do suffer when we are left to live outside.
My foster Mum says that really good hunters actually bring their beagles in the house !   Gosh I am not sure that I am actually old enough to hear the way foster Mum describes the hunters who think that bringing a beagle in the house ruins their hunting instinct!
Even worse ... when we beagles are so famous for following our little noses, you would think that when we go missing someone would start looking for us.  Last night my foster Mum was telling me about a few little beagles that had lost their way.   Snif' .. they were a Group of Seven ... (except perhaps not quite as artistic) ... but one little one was hit by a car before they were rescued :(  Now they are are a Group of Six and just pretty darned lucky that Atlantic Small Dog Rescue has tucked them under their loving umbrella.
I can guarantee that I am definitely not old enough to hear the way foster Mum was grumbling about what terrible shape these little wanderers were in!   They have probably never seen a vet in their lives ... and today everyone has their paws crossed especially for little Raine :(
So why would anyone want to adopt a Beagle when we cannot resist following our noses?  Because Charles Schultz was right  ... Happiness really is a warm and snuggly beagle!  We put the capitol L in Lovable!   Even better, we are friendly enough and sturdy enough that we make great family pets!
Best of all of course is that we are small enough to snuggle in your lap but big enough to go for a good long hike everyday!
What time is it?   It is always time to have a look at all the lovely beagles available for adoption here in Nova Scotia!
This picture of the "Group of Six" was taken by the kind hearts who found them and were working with the Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network to try to find the owners.   Although local Animal Control and animal hospitals were all contacted, noone was able to identify who owned these little dogs :(

Bobbie  ... gee whiz everybody loves Beagles ... Pssst ... don't tell anyone that Bobbie and Blue really aren't German Shepherds because they are available from East Coast German Shepherd Rescue

Hey did you know that Beagle Paws has a Nova Scotia Chapter now?

 Find Vincent at the LA Shelter

Sweety Belle
sigh .. the Yarmouth SPCA usually has at least one beagle for adoption
This is the ONLY beagle that can live outside without suffering !
And that is how I see it on Tuesday, December 20th ... the THIRTY - FOURTH day since the dismissed shelter manager and the disbanded board created the renegade shelter.

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