Sunday, December 11, 2011

When honesty doesn't pay ...

I love using toddler beds for the big dogs!   They are warm and comfy!   The dogs can sleep beside me without elbowing me off my own bed!  Best of all of course is that I was able to find them on Kijiji for the remarkably reasonable sum of twenty five dollars each!
For a brief and shining moment, I almost bought into the practicality of the partnership between Kijiji and Petfinder.   Gee whiz, if the ad site sees such heavy traffic, maybe rescues and shelters SHOULD be advertising there eh?  Letting potential pet owners know that there are adoption options out there should be a Good Thing, eh?
Of course it would ... if we lived in a perfect universe where everyone was honest and above board!   Sadly that is not so ... and now we are beginning to see a new breed of wolves in sheep's clothing skulking around the midst of the legitimate rescue listings.
I am of course referring to the folks who are playing fast and loose with rescue terminology ... the backyard breeders who are presenting themselves as animal rescues.  
In a world where potential pet owners are either unwilling or unable to acknowledge the risks of finding a lifelong friend on free online ad sites with little to no screening, what can be done about this sort of thing?
At the present, very little.   There is no central listing of reputable rescues ... although in this province every effort is made by this middle aged grandmother to ONLY list the reputable rescues on the homeless pet site!  
As a matter of fact, I do have a little bit on the site about that too.
In light of the latest ad that I saw yesterday, where a person purporting to be a rescue is trying to sell three small dogs ... one of whom "Cannot be bred as she has had enough litters for a lifetime" .... I do believe I need to add a few bits to my website.  
Why did the ad concern the rescue community?   NONE of the so called adoptable dogs will be spayed or neutered... there is no evidence that any temperament testing has been done .... nor is there any indication that they have even been properly vetted.
Even worse, the original ad called for $200 for the three and once concerned reputable rescuers started showing interest, she ramped up the price to $200 each :(
Worst of all of course is that she told one respondent to the original ad that if the dogs weren't gone by the 23rd, they would have to be killed :(
Yes indeedy, I do need to ramp up my little bit on the site!
What can you expect when you apply to adopt a pet from a reputable Nova Scotia Rescue Group or Shelter?

  • You will need to fill out an adoption application
  • Personal references will be required
  • They will want the name of your vet and contact information for their animal clinic
  • You'll be asked about the pets you have now, as well as the ones you have had in the past
  • Yes ... they will ask about your living accommodations and whether you own or rent m
  • Most will probably ask what you feed your pets and where your pets sleep

So why would anyone want to go to all that trouble?
  • your new best friend will be vet checked and vaccinated and spayed or neutered,
  • known health issues are not swept under the rug,
  • any behavior issues will be fully disclosed
  • follow up advice and support is available, and
  • if things aren't a success for any reason, you will not have to wonder what to do .... the pet must be returned to the rescue.
In other words .... reputable rescues make every effort to match the right pet to the right human so that the relationship can last a lifetime. The free online ad sites, pet stores and backyard breeders can only offer a curbside guarantee and often offer unnecessary heartache and expense to pet owners.
Webmaster Note: If you adopt a pet from a rescue listed on this website, and your experience does not meet the above mentioned criteria, please let us know.
Well then, clearly I am going to have to add in a few little bits and mention that:
  • any reputable rescue should be able to provide references from the animal rescue community. 
  • all their pets are altered before adoption unless there is a genuine medical reason for not doing so.
  • There should be a follow up process to protect pets too young to be altered
  • Adoptables are not killed when the "rescuer' goes on vacation.
  • Reputable rescues do not advertise exclusively on Kijiji.   There will either be a facebook group, a website , or a criteria based listing such a Petfinder or Adopt a Pet.
  • Rescue websites should offer specifics.   Adoptable pets.  Downloadable applications and contracts.    Be very wary of websites that are long on fundraising and short on proof of any specific animals that have been, or will be, helped. 
What time is it?   Clearly it is time for a little consumer protection legislation to protect kind hearts (and their wallets) from shady sorts who do not scruple at skirting the truth.
Honesty pays, but it don't seem to pay enough to suit some people.    Frank McKinney "Kin" Hubbard
And that is how I see it on Sunday, December 11th .... the TWENTY - FIFTH day since the dismissed shelter manager and the disbanded board created the renegade shelter.

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Like you I am appalled by this ad and so many others - the 'partnership' between Kijiji and Petfinder is a sham. There are no checks and balances.