Friday, December 9, 2011

How to catch your breath and help the animals!

To be perfectly honest, the real miracle of the holiday season is that so many women find it their favourite time of year.   If one is not careful, holiday preparations can become a runaway train that can leave even the most organized gasping for breath!
At this time of year, I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have pets !  My dogs can't read a calendar.  My cats aren't counting down the days till the kids arrive home for the holidays!
In a home where treats and toys are not limited to special occasions,  would presents even register on their radar?   Probably not, although of course that has never stopped me before :)
Why would I give them gifts when they have no grasp of the occasion?   For the very simple reason that they keep my feet on the ground, especially at this busiest time.
The cats still expect to be cuddled.   My good dogs would not understand a day without walks!   All of these lovely little bits that are so dear to me all year do double duty by helping me stay sane in the silly season!  At the end of the day, is there any better gift that our pets can give us than that?
East Coast German Shepherd Rescue has one of the cleverest fundraisers that I have ever seen - their Monthly Dog Walks!  ( December's Dog Walk will be this Sunday, December 11th) For the very modest donation of five dollars per human, folks can join the fun of having a lovely hike on the Salt Marsh Trail.  Even better, there is always an opportunity for interested kind hearts to get a 'sneak preview' of some of ECGSR's lovely adoptables.
Best of all .. especially this time of year ... it is a wonderful way to way to help the animals while taking a break from all the holiday busy bits!   Gosh, what could be better than that?
And that is how I see it, on Friday, December 9th ... the TWENTY - THIRD day since the dismissed shelter manager and the disbanded board created the renegade shelter.

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