Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A beautiful Happy Tail looking for a place to happen !

What a joy to be able to safely go wherever we want in the woods this morning!   Last night's balmy mist put paid to the rest of the ice on the trails, so we were even able to climb up to the ridge .... which is normally a very rare treat in January.
Miss Ruby is more than my heart ... she is my undisputed deputy .. the firm paw in the velvet boot :)  Why is my undisputed right hand dog?  Is it that she is a girl?  Does all the shep in her family tree make her smarter than the average bear? 
For whatever reason, I would not trade my girl for anything!  She is my 86 pound teddy bear at night and my constant joy by day.
Anna reminds me a lot of Miss Ruby.   She is beautiful and gentle and settled into domestic bliss like an old pro.   This low key girl is marvelous with other dogs ... although there has been no opportunity in her foster home to be sure about the cat thing.  But hey .. every second sentence out of my mouth the first month Miss Ruby was here was 'Leave those cats alone, Missy!'
Does she look familiar?  She should!  Anna was one of the dogs from up North that hitchhiked back to Nova Scotia with DART NS.  
No question about it, Anna is a smartypants!    When the DART NS team was loading up the dogs coming back to East Coast German Shepherd Rescue, Anna was quick to recognize an opportunity for a better life.   She hopped right in the truck ..... and the short version of that story is that the Band Chief gave her his blessing!
What a clever girl!  The only surprise to this story is that somehow she is still waiting for her ship to come in!  Who would have imagined that this gentle and laid back lovely would still be waiting for her own lucky day.
To be perfectly honest ..... one could almost envy the beautiful journey waiting for the kind heart wise enough to appreciate what others have overlooked!
What time is it?  It is time for everyone to put on their thinking caps and help this lovely laid back gal connect with the lucky kindred spirit who will say 'you are THE one'!

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