Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A little sourcery .....

What a wonderful morning we had in the woods!   There was just enough snow to be pretty but not so much that we couldn't climb up to the ridge!  For my money, it is always well worth the extra work for the wide open view!  We never know what new treat awaits.  From eagles fishing down in the river ... to deer startled while drinking into graceful flight ... to teenagers smoking heaven knows what in the woods behind the subdivision!
I am a middle aged grandmother, not a professional researcher.   Even so, in the course of building and maintaining the homeless pet sites, I have been blessed with a bit of a birds eye view.
Even better, along the way I often keep stumbling upon some very useful bits when I am doing my research.
Best of all, of course, I am like a little squirrel... tucking these tidbits away for a time when they might prove useful :)
These are interesting days for the animal loving community in Nova Scotia.  Between social networking and plain old fashioned word of mouth, many more kind hearts are awakening to the possibility of No Kill Nova Scotia.
While it would be early days to break out the champagne, here a few little tidbits that might be of interest to anyone long on enthusiasm and short on cash:
In other words ... if you need it there is a way to find it or make it :)   Have fun!
And this is how it is ... on Tuesday, January 3rd .... the FORTY  EIGHTH  day since the dismissed shelter manager and the disbanded board created the renegade shelter.

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