Thursday, January 19, 2012

It IS a red letter day!

From today's Cape Breton Post
Judge grants injunction to provincial SPCA
Published on January 19, 2012

SYDNEY — Nova Scotia Supreme Court Justice Patrick Murray has ruled in favour of the provincial SPCA, granting an injunction against its former branch.In November, the Nova Scotia SPCA moved to dissolve the Cape Breton branch and fire the shelter manager. However, up until now, the local board has refused to vacate the shelter located at 401 East Broadway and renamed itself the Cape Breton Humane Society.

The provincial branch filed an injunction application and testimony was heard over several days at the Sydney Justice Centre, leading to today's decision.
The Nova Scotia SPCA will now have interim control of operations at the animal shelter.
Well then!   Even on this bitter cold day, this is news to warm the heart!   Like the rest of the animal loving community in this province, I have been at sixes and sevens all day waiting to hear news of the verdict!  
Does these mean it is all happy days from here on in?  Hardly!   There is still the strong possibility of a full blown trial waiting in the wings.   In the more immediate moment, there is a lions share of work to catch up on thirty four years of indifference and neglect.
But right here, right now ... it is sufficient unto the day to have such good news!  
The old guard now knows that the legal battles will not automatically go their way!   Even better ... the publicity surrounding this issue has had exactly the opposite effect that that the entrenched status quo had envisioned.  Best of all is that the society will now have an opportunity to demonstrate what can be achieved with enthusiasm and elbow grease!
What time is it?   While it is much too early to break out the champagne, it is time to celebrate that today we are ever so much closer to No Kill Nova Scotia than we were this time yesterday!
And this is how I see it on Thursday, January 18th ... the red letter day that the Supreme Court restored control of the Sydney shelter to the Nova Scotia SPCA.

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Layla said...

Time to celebrate, yes indeed!! No, it's not totally over with, and I appreciate that touch of sobriety, but ah, it is SUCH a comfort to know that legal minds were above being swayed by the old boy's, elbow nudging ways.