Thursday, February 9, 2012

Important Caution about Dog Treats!

I love making treats for my dogs!   Do they notice the difference?  You bet!   When we go to the vets, mine will turn their noses up at the 'store bought' rewards offered when the visit is winding down!
Does that mean I never buy treats?  Of course not!  There are no shortage of neat things out there that I could never reproduce my own kitchen!  Of course, in some cases .. like the dried tripe ... the smell simply isn't worth any savings that might be had by making my own!
I received an email today from a dear friend in Newfoundland.  While I have no idea whether these are even sold in NS,  when my ever so sensible pal is concerned enough to email,  it would be remiss of me not to share this info she received from her local vet clinic.
Martha Sweeting Community Vet Hospital 
We're had 2 dogs come in within the last 10 days with Dingo Denta-Treats stuck in their eosphagi. In the first instance, by the time the dog arrived at the clinic the treat had worked its way into the stomach. In the second case, the puppy was vomiting blood and was in respiratory distress. The treat was stuck in the esophagus and was pushing down on the trachea (wind-pipe) and the heart. Dr. Maxina Hunt von Herbing was able to pass a stomach tube and push the treat into the stomach. This puppy would have died without veterinary intervention.
"Who Else They Gonna Lean On?"


Anonymous said...

We can't be too careful and I thought this was important to share with everyone.

Kobipup said...

I've never heard of the brand before, I have however used Hartz Dentist Best tartar control bones, the packaging looks very similar, working looking into a little bit. As far as making homemade treats go, I've started making homemade liver jerky and they are so far the only treat I've found that he'll eat in high stress situations.