Monday, February 13, 2012

The love in your heart wasn't put there to stay .....

I am a middle aged grandmother, not a little girl snuggling up for story time!  What does that mean in realspeak?  Does it mean that I do not believe in fairy tales? 
Or is it simply that I have learned that here in the real world, fairy tails are more likely to be of the rough and ready brothers Grimm variety than the warm and fuzzy Walt Disney sort?
Still, if one scratches the surface of anyone my age, it is easy to find vestiges of that spirit that moved my generation to try to make the world a better place.  Even those jaded sorts who see world peace as a pipe dream still find themselves yearning for the story book ending!
Nine months ago, when kind hearts were moving mountains to keep Quinn from knocking on heaven's door, it was thought that he had already found his happy ending!
After years of neglect and abuse, Quinn was in terrible shape.  At that time, it was impossible for anyone to imagine how far he would come!  That with great love and good food, his poor body would mend!  That his poor battered spirit would heal!
In those early days, who would have dared to dream that the power of love would result in more possibilities than palliative foster!  
Last Thursday, on a beautiful blue sky and sunshine day,  Quinn went for one last car ride with his foster Mum!   He said good bye to the four footed friends in his foster home!   Bundled up in the back seat of the car .... and was off to  his new home in PEI!   
What a wonderful happy ending!   Quinn's new Mom loves seniors!  (You may recognize his new 'brother' Brock,  who is another senior Happy Tail :)
Even better, she is studying to be a vet and so will be singularly well suited to handle the health issues that will, after years of abuse, always plague Quinn.
Best of all, Quinn's foster Mum and Atlantic Small Dog Rescue will now be able to help another dog in need!  
Quinn has captured the hearts of the animal loving community.  Kind hearts have cried for him ... rooted for him ... and supported him every step of the way.  
I am a middle aged grandmother and so have learned a thing or two about love along the way.   Love really is a powerful thing!   It can move mountains!  Change lives!  It might not always be ours to keep, but love never really leaves us!
Without an available foster Mum, Quinn would have been pushing up daisies before I wrote the first post about him.  As we speak, plans are underway at ASDR to try to help another senior who has served a life sentence on the end of a chain.
What time is it?  It is always time to remember that it is the power of foster love that changes everything!
The love in your heart wasn't put there to stay
Love isn't love
Till you give it away
Reba MacEntire



Anonymous said...

i'm surprised that after seeing the lobster he didn't want to return to the province of the scallop.

Kobipup said...

They look so sweet together! Good luck to both Quinn and Brock. Its sad that more people can't see the stunning beauty in older dogs, I'm personally a sucker for them, adopting a puppy this time around was actually hard because I wanted all the senior dogs!