Thursday, March 10, 2011

Urgent .... blind senior dog at the Yarmouth SPCA needs a foster or adoptive home

Do you remember this handsome fellow? So cuddly and appealing?   Last year he was found wandering around Yarmouth and he just captured everyone's heart at the Yarmouth SPCA.   Sheesh ... what kind of person would leave a blind senior to fend for himself at anytime, let alone a Nova Scotia dead of winter January day, eh?
His name is Brock and his Not Really Forever Home just brought him back to the Yarmouth SPCA Shelter.  He is confused and he is sad and has absolutely no idea why he is back at the shelter.  Brock is a good boy who does not understand why life just took a left turn.
Being blind and being upset, Brock is not putting his best paw forward.  How is he to even comprehend that behaviors like walking into walls are not going to put at the top of most wist lists, eh? That his efforts to orientate himself at the shelter with territorial marking are not going to find much of a receptive audience.  (IMPORTANT NOTE :  this is NOT behavior that was exhibited in his adopted home)
This good dog is at real risk if at least a foster home for him cannot be found as soon as possible.   Being returned to the shelter has almost been too much of a jolt for this senior dog.  It is hoped that he will get back on his paws if he can just get out of the shelter.
Brock's first home left him in the lurch in the dead of winter.   His second home surrendered him soon after Valentines Day.   If he is to have a chance to find out if third time can be the charm, sooner would be better than later, eh?
PS .. if you don't live in the Yarmouth Area transport can be arranged



Anonymous said...

he's beautiful ! How did this gorgeous guy end up without a family. That's terrible he is alone in his senior years. I hope he finds a very loving and gentle home ♥

Old Maid said...

actually .. thx to the power of social networking .. Brock now does have a home.
His foster mums read this blog and not only did they foster him, groom him and get him out in the public eye at the dog parks, but they set up a blog to help him find a home