Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In praise of the less comfortable path ....

I love sunny mornings like this in the woods!   We are still weeks away from even the first bit of greenery, so we can still savour the special beauty in the wide open clarity we'll have until then.  
If my vision isn't what it once was, it is at least better than the original legally blind prognosis I had been promised when I was younger.  Maybe that's why I've always been such a visual person. 
From webwork to company dinner, I'm always happiest with the results when I can "make them look pretty'.   There will come a time when I have the dreaded " no more driving for you, Missy" eye exam, but happily today is not that day.
To be perfectly honest ... I am no different than anyone else.  For me, being sighted represents Independence.  It means that I can explore the new trails and wade down the rocky river bottom.  And of course its just ever so much easier to play fetch if I can see enough not to toss the ball over the fence or into the pond!
Just before Valentines Day I did a post , The Heart Won't Lie, about a young little dog that ARC was pulling out all the stops for to save his vision.   So how did that go?  Was it a success?  You bet! 
Both operations were a success and now this great little dog can look forward to having a wonderful life.   As anyone who has been to the vets lately can imagine, even with generous support from Westwood, the surgeries certainly weren't cheap.
But that didn't matter, because ARC is genuinely No Kill.  What does that mean in realspeak?  It means that they are always rolling up their fundraising sleeves instead of attaching a dollar value to 'treatable'.  In specific, it means that they are still fundraising for the work that has been done for Lil Golden.
Does that mean that Lil Golden won't need more vet care after he is adopted?  Of course not!  The No Kill Matrix does not define healthy as easy to adopt, it includes all those with treatable medical conditions.
What time is it?   It is always time to salute those who walk the walk instead of simply talking the (PR) talk.
We do not err because truth is difficult to see. It is visible at a glance. We err because this is more comfortable.   Alexander Solzhenitsyn

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