Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A beautiful Happy Tail just waiting to happen

I will be the first to admit that I have a soft spot for yellow labs.  In fact, when I was younger, I defined myself as a "lab" person.  We had a beautiful black lab named Sam at home ... so it was as comfortable as an old slipper to bring home a lovely yellow lab puppy when my daughter was little.
Max was such a great guy ... and we were lucky enough to have the pleasure of his company until my daughter was in college.   So I'm not just blowing smoke about what great family dogs that labs make.
I get a bit of a birds eye view with the site and am often utterly at a loss to understand why some dogs take a little longer to find their Forever Homes.  I mean, I do get why the ones with the no kids/ cats/ or dogs tags might need the extra time, but there are ever so many wonderful good dogs that just seem to get overlooked.   Sadly all too many otherwise kind hearts seem to think that anyone over six months old is past their best before date :(  
That's why I was delighted to see that someone at  The LA Shelter has taken the time and trouble to make this great video for Toby.  He just looks like such a good boy and I truly hope it helps :)
We had so much fun with Max over the years.   He was playful and eager to please and always ready to lend a sympathetic ear when the occasion called for it.  Gosh .. this good boy reminds me so much of the natural born nanny who was there every step of the way to help me raise my daughter.
I almost envy the kind heart who adopts Toby for the beautiful journey just waiting for them.

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