Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another cute idea from petfinder

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day
Like everyone else, I'm more than a little frustrated with the ongoing 'technical problems' that the Petfinder IT techs keep reassuring me are on the verge of being solved ...sigh.  Pictures can be days before displaying properly.  In some instances .. the dreaded red x continues to display :(
After all, the homeless pet sites are meant to be virtual adoption fairs where kind hearts can come to visit and fall in love with the faces.
But those are technical problems and are separate and apart from the real value of the service.  There are other services, but only the Adopt a Pet one measures up to the same standard that Petfinder holds to ... when Petfinder is working properly that is  ( which is of course why i use both services to link pet listings to on my sites, eh? )
Any of my facebook friends have seen Petfinder listings pop up on their newsfeeds fairly regularly.  Some new.  Some who have been waiting a while for the right fit.  But all of them lovely and just Happy Tails in Waiting.
That's not something I invented ...  its the reason there are share buttons on the listings, eh?
Still ... its nice to see this practice being encouraged ... just another great way to social network for the animals.   I might not be looking for myself ... my friends might not be looking ... but somewhere out there in cyberspace one of their friends might be looking, eh?
What time is it?  Its always time to salute social networking for the animals.  Its as easy as the click of a mouse ... and who knows what wonderful things will come of it? 

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