Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Mighty Quinn

I love being able to put on a cozy fire when we come home from the woods all wet and cold.   After such a wet week, I am almost out of clean beach towels to dry off damp dogs and I have surrendered to practicality and left the mop by the front door.
The glass half full gardener in me is trying to remember that this is Nova Scotia, not England ... which in realspeak means that it is May showers that make everything green and lovely in the garden.
I rather suspect that there hasn't been enough time yet for Quinn to really believe that he is finally able to come in out of the rain.  As you can see from these pictures, this beautiful boy really has had a hard knock life.
This is the reality of life on the end of chain for a dog.  That is not a collar in his pictures ... it is where the rope around his neck has worn away his fur.   That patchy coat is a direct result of being so flea infested this poor dog dug at his own fur in frantic search of relief. 
These pictures were taken after someone was kind enough to give this good boy some relief by cutting the nails that were overgrown and curled back into his poor paws. 
How could someone treat him like that and think that it was appropriate to name him Lucky???  
Life has just taken an abrupt one eighty for this sweet boy.   For the kind hearts at Atlantic Small Dog Rescue, size has never mattered.  They have tucked him under their wing and given him a new name to go with this fresh start .... Quinn.
The only thing that his former owners  couldn't ruin was his spirit.   His new foster Mom told me that Quinn is so sweet and gentle that even when the vet was squeezing his obviously sore testicle to try to determine what the lump was, that Quinn was as good as gold.
It is going to take a couple of months of good vet care to bring this good dog back to good health.  How can you help?   How can one count the ways:) 
  • One could make a direct donation to the Bridgetown Animal Hospital ( 1-902-665-4333) where Quinn's foster Mom is taking him, or
  • use the i search i Give option on the ASDR site, or
  • support the next facebook auction that ASDR holds
  • or for a very yummy treat ... why not attend La Vie en Rose?  (see poster below for the menu :)
  • send a donation snail mail to Heather d'Etremont, 767 Scotch Village Station Road, Scotch Village, NS, B0N2G0, or
  • ask ASDR which would be the best address to send an email money order
Any animal lover who even spends brief bits of time on facebook is familiar with the tale of Patrick.   Personally, I think that Quinn is Nova Scotia's Patrick.  
Five days ago, Quinn was knocking on heavens door ... utterly unaware that his life was just about to take an abrupt turn for the better.   He is not the first dog saved from such a hard knock life ... nor will he be the last.  ( the topic of how desperately anti tethering legislation is needed in Nova Scotia is a testy topic that has ... and will again ... get posts of its own on this blog)
What time is it?   It is always time to do more than applaud those who go the extra mile for the animals.   When miracles are made on a shoe string, it is important to remember that every little bit helps.
You'll not see nothing like the Mighty Quinn ... Bob Dylan


Anonymous said...

Who could be so cruel? Quinn must be an amazing dog, God love him

janetmacdonald said...

I am so happy for Quinn that his life has changed around for him. I get so tired of seeing poor dogs tied outside just laying there like they have given up ,,,in all kinds of weather. Thanks everyone for saving a wonderful dog like Quinn.

Anonymous said...

Such a sad story but a good ending. Quinn is such a beautiful boy with gentle face. I happy to see him in good hands. Nice HUGE monetary fine would reduce cases like this. And that money should go to rescues. Until people are held resonposible for abuse and neglect of animals they will keep on doing it. Unfortunately. I made my donation. It feels so good to help an animal in need.