Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A little riverdancing

In my perfect fantasy world, this would be the perfect time of year.   Everyday there is some new delight to savour in the garden.   It has warmed up enough to make our morning hikes a real joy ... but not quite so much that I need to break out the pennyroyal and my funny fisherman's bug hat.   Nor can our resident wildlife wreak any havoc until the garden is actual planted!
In short, the season is long on possibilities and short on pitfalls.  Unless of course, one is running a cat rescue.   The annual "river of cats" is in full flood ... and every year that it is allowed to run unchecked becomes the latest version of "the worst year ever"
Honestly ... the whole situation with respect to cat overpopulation has all the makings of a good Monty Python movie.  
To start with, the solution is NOT some sort of deep dark secret.  It is commonly acknowledged that Spay Neuter is the key for both owned and community cats.     
Admittedly, folks sometimes get sidetracked disputing which cats should be altered first .... but that is a chicken and egg argument inspired more by limited funding resources than actual logic.  The short answer to that question is that Low Cost Spay Neuter and TNR are BOTH important.
Noone disputes the need.  It is the question of funding that gets tossed around like a hot potato.   Good Low Cost High Volume Spay Neuter proposals and TNR subsidies are simply not recognized as priorities by politicians at all levels.
Why?   At the risk of sounding like a stuck record, for the same reason that anything else does or does not happen.  Strong voter feedback is the only effective way to motivate the politicians who represent us at all levels.
Not to be mean, but if every person who complained on facebook took two minutes to email their councillors and MLA's, that would be enough of a wake up call to get the ball rolling.
The point I am making in my meandering way, is that we really have to stop preaching to the choir. 
What time is it?   It is time to understand the solution really involves letting the politicians who represent us at all levels know that this is an issue of importance to us as tax paying voters. 
As a sidebar note to that, I am happy to report that the Spay Day folks have been getting more cats fixed this week, thanks in no small part to the help of the Atlantic Cat Hospital and the Carnegy Animal Hospital.

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