Saturday, October 24, 2009

A few pics of the family circle

This is George .... who is very lucky that my daughter was nearly nine months pregnant when he was abandoned. We used to go for good brisk hikes down my country road, but she had reached that place where we were all about sedate strolls instead. Otherwise we might have missed the little squeeks in the woods and George might have had an unhappy tail. He could sit in my hand that first day, and happily my vet was free to test / vaccinate/ etc and the rest is history. My cats love this window ... the tree is usually full of small birds and there's room on the headboard for everyone who wants to watch: )))

Remember Oscar? According to my vet, he is five headed for six ..... what kind of horrible person would just toss a nice fellow like him out like trash? Oscar is rediscovering the joys of domestic bliss now that Dora is willing to be an indoor girl. I had been prepared to set up warm and cozy quarters for them outside, but it was a fear of predators ... especially the human variety ... that changed my mind. I'm just not willing to risk their lives while the neighbours learn about TNR.

My little mini Morgan seems even tinier compared to the 'big boys', Clive and George. She came to me from SHAID and I think she's one of the bravest souls I've ever met. When she was rescued and brought to SHAID with her litter of kittens, she had been so badly injured that she couldn't walk. Everyone there was so afraid there would be an unhappy tail once her kittens were weaned ... but bit by bit ... first a paw, then a leg .... she started moving. She's always going to have a funny hitch to her gait, but she runs around the house now with the other cats. Morgan may be tiny, but she is definitely the boss of the younger cats.

Clive came to me as a kitten when his owner passed away unexpectedly four years ago last summer. He is both the biggest in size and the most affectionate of the kitties .... last November he weighed 18 lbs and this year I think my vet is going to smack me when I bring him in for his annual check.

Dora has settled in well ..... by my vets best estimate she turned one this month. She still disappears when I have company, but spends the rest of her time exploring this interesting thing that her human lives in. Like Bear ... she starts purring when I walk in the room and keeps on until after I leave.

I love puttering in my workshop and have been doing woodworking long enough that there is always something at hand when I want to make a little project. Its not fancy ... but at least I didn't resort to the handyman's secret weapon ... and now Andy has a way up onto the couch and/or the bed. And ... bonus that it seems to be doing double duty as something for the cats to play with too: )))))

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