Monday, October 19, 2009

Have you seen this dog?

From the new Reward for Missing Dog facebook group

* * * Missing Saint Bernard Dog! * * * If found please call 840- 3424 or 825-6140!

Finnigan was last seen in the woods close to the Port George Jamboree grounds on Tuesday, October 6.

Although Finn is big and sometimes barks a lot, this Saint Bernard is friendly so please do not be scared.He has an orange collar on, with tags.

For easy identification, he has been micro-chipped and still has a faint smell of skunk from his adventure last week. Our family desperately misses Finnigan and really wants him back. If you have any information, please call!

There is a $500 reward for the return of Finnigan

Contact Info


The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

ACTUALLY, I WAS AT THE CO-OP FEED STORE just this weekend and a man from port george was talking about the Saint B who was in his garbage and pooped on his lawn. i told him to look behind him and there was the reward poster (rolling my eyes)

maybe next time he sees him he will actually do something about it!!!!

Old Maid said...

Thanks janice ... i passed that on