Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

We are the Happy Tails and none of us need a special day to be thankful for our second chances. Some of us were too young to understand what close calls we had. More than a few of us were passed by so often we were starting to lose faith. We weren't all well behaved ... nor were most of us purebreds.
We came in all different sizes and sexes and ages... but the one thing we all had in common was that we were all innocent bystanders who had been let down by our humans. Not everyone understands that and there are still far too many nice folks who think we might be broken or flawed.
We are the lucky ones who found safety somewhere when we were no longer wanted. So many good pets don't live to tell the tail when life changes for their people or when their people just plain turn their back on years of love and loyalty.
Every day when our feet hit the floor we are thankful for the new lives we have because someone was kind enough to open their home and their heart to us.
We want to thank each and every human who did make the time to apply to adopt us. We know it would have been quicker to simply go shopping and we are thankful that you didn't do that.
We especially want to thank the humans who could see past special needs ... even those of us who were blind can see how special that makes the people who adopted any of us.
It really doesn't matter where you adopted us from. What matters is that you opened your hearts and your home to give us all a second chance. Sometimes it wasn't the easiest thing to do ... indeed some of us took an awful lot of work.
Without you we'd all be knocking on Heaven's door instead of living the good lives we have right now.
But most of all, on this Thanksgiving... with apologies to Sly and the Family Stone.... WE WANT TO THANK YOU FOR LETTING US BE OURSELVES AGAIN!!!!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Jewel said...

Thank you to my "rescued" family who have brought so much love and pleasure to my home! Happy Thanksgiving Janet and Clan!!!!