Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another Cat(ch) 22

I'm a middle aged grandmother, not a professional webcrafter, but even an amateur like myself has discovered the advantages to using CSS script for websites.  It is just so darned convenient to be able to change every page in a website by editing a single CSS style sheet.
One page or fifty, anything can be changed with one edit.  Who wouldn't find something like that useful?  And the really lovely thing is that it doesn't cost any more to build or host a CSS site.
I think that's one of the things that I really love about Petfinder.  Whether an adopter lives in Berwick or Broad Cove, they simply have to punch in their postal code to search.  Petfinder even offers the option of choosing the distance the adopter is willing to travel in pursuit of their new best friend.
Even better, Petfinder offers adopters advanced search options to research the pet a bit before contacting the shelter or group.  For instance, in a few months, my daughter and her husband are planning on adopting a dog.  My granddaughter turns four tomorrow and they already have two cats .... so they are searching a narrower set of criteria than an empty nester might.
Petfinder is rapidly becoming a household word.  In the past couple of years, popular TV shows such as NCIS have actually incorporated a characters use of Petfinder as part of the storyline.  This week, there was an awesome huge advertising feature in Time promoting Petfinder  It was sponsored by Petco and no doubt timed to launch their National Adoption Weekend Sept 18 and 19.
At the risk of sounding like a stuck record .. whats not to love about Petfinder?  Its a well known free service that allows rescues to engage adopters with great pics, a good bio and even a video.
Now an adopter living in Broad Cove might broaden his or her search, because even when the Cape Breton SPCA list one of their adoptables, a picture usually has to be worth a thousand words. 
As the old saying goes .. the devil is in the details.  Adopters full of questions are turning to Petfinder for answers.  Is the dog good with kids?  Housetrained?  How about cats? 
How many potential adopters move right along to the listings that DO offer the information they are looking for?
Which brings up another one of my Petfinder beefs.  In a province where there at at least eight cats for every dog listed on Petfinder, good cat bios are far and few between.    At the top end of scale is CAPS.   This morning, CAPS has 146 cats listed on its Petfinder site.... all with good pics and a nice little bio.  
One of the busiest women I know, Sonya who runs Sonya's Cat and Animal Rescue Society, never stints on the time spent doing Petfinder bios for each and every cat in her care. 
Honestly ... NOT listing all the cats with interesting bios is exactly the same as expecting to sell the old car without listing it anywhere, eh? 
Isn't it just another version of Cat(ch) 22 .... there are so many darned kitties that not everyone makes the time to do their listings .... and yet there is seldom any room at the inn because the kitties don't get adopted as quickly as the dogs with the better listings. 
 What time is it? Its time to recognize the connection between the double standard for Petfinder listings and there never being any room at the inn for the poor second class kittizens.

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