Thursday, September 9, 2010

The difference between cats and dogs is more than purely anatomical.

The geese are going south today.  We were lucky to see part of the parade while we were having our post hike cool down / inspection tour of the play yard.   I truly hope they survive the newfound enthusiasm for goose culls on both side of the border and that we'll see them next spring.
Summer really does slide away with such beauty and grace.  If the nights are already noticeably longer, they are also lovely and cool for sleeping.  The lions share of the heavy lifting in the garden is done and the only bits left are like a buffet to be enjoyed instead of something else to be processed.
Where would we be without the seasons?  We live in a continual state of anticipation ... looking forward to the next turn of the Wheel that will bring cooler/ clearer/ warmer / hotter weather around.
Where would we be without change?  We are a society that professes to love animals .... yet our compassion is often overridden by situational ethics.   Its always easier to turn a blind eye than to take proactive steps forward, eh?
The society stats for the second quarter were published online last night.  Coming out of the gate, its important to remember that these numbers only paint part of the picture. 
They do not include the statistics for every AC and private rescue in the province.  Nor do they include the numbers of pets who could not 'find room at the inn'    Nor they do not include the number of Owner Requested One Way Trips to animal clinics.  Saddest of all, they do not include all the Unsung Unhappy Tails where animals are shot/ drowned or abandoned to die lonely and hungry and afraid.
Still ... they are out there in the open for all the world to see, and if they don't paint the entire picture, they at least are an indicator.
Me and my trifocals haven't really had a change to digest them all yet, but once again the big thing that jumps out is the difference in live release rates for cats and dogs.
Would that not make this an excellent time to start doing off site cat adoptions?   And before the keyboards catch on fire, I am not specifically picking on the society with this subject.   Nor am I suggesting that implementing offsite cat only adoption fairs will magically fix things.
The homeless cat problem is so huge that many kind hearts can't even wrap their minds around it.   Its going to take every tool in the arsenal to make a real difference ... and THAT includes all the other essential bits I'm always going on and on like a stuck record about.   Low cost / high volume spay neuter.  Meaningful support for TNR.   Promotion of Early Age Spay Neuter to both pet owners and the veterinary community.
Like it or not .. the difference between cats and dogs in more than purely anatomical.   Cats are permitted by more landlords, they are cheaper to feed and can be found 'free to a good home' everywhere.   Add into that mix that pet owners who would never dream of opening the door and just letting the dog go out on tour unattended don't hesitate to do so with their kitties.
What time is it?  If we wouldn't feed dog food to a cat, its time to stop expecting the same adoption strategies to work for cats and dogs.

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