Sunday, September 26, 2010

A First Rate Girl looking for a Second Chance

Its the worst nightmare possible for any committed and responsible pet owner.  Meet Bee .... who has been well cared for and loved for every day of her five year life.  Bee has always lived indoors, has beautiful house manners, is spayed and has had regular checkups and good vet care for all of her life.  Bee is loved and cherished and is the apple of her Mom's eye
So why ... would one ask... would such a dog be in need of new home?  Genuine medical issues is why.  Not the magical gee we suddenly acquired an allergy bs that is so often presented in the free online ad sites.
In Bee's case its the real deal  When her Mom was expecting her first child, the normal asthma that she had flared into pneumonia.  Bee's Mom finally had to be hospitalized during the pregnancy.  Now she is pregnant again and her health is so precarious that her doctor insists that she find a new home for Bee before the baby is born.  And before the keyboards catch on fire ... real honest to gawd asthma is no joke and can be life threatening.  
I'm very careful these days not to swallow whole every tale I am sent.  If I learned anything from the whole Brindi debacle, it is that some folks are quite capable of playing fast and loose with the truth.
But this situation was brought to my attention by a Very Well Respected animal rescuer whose word I trust implicitly. 
So if you, or anyone you know is looking for a lovely, well behaved and beautiful dog who has years and years of love left to share, PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION
What time is it?  Its time to put your thinking cap on and see if there is anyone you know who would love to Bee's new Mom or Dad.

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is there a petfinder type thingee that I could post on my wall for this girlie and email out to folk - how is she with other dogs? I could foster if she is fine with other beasties...