Tuesday, April 10, 2012

If all pennies are going to heaven :)

I am a middleaged grandmother ... so pennies have always meant more than creating an illusion of wealth with their weight in the bottom of my purse!   Our language is peppered with idioms attaching real weight to the humble penny. They are offered in exchange for thoughts and optimistically traded for hopes and dreams in wishing wells.
Pennies can be good or bad or lucky .... but in this virtual age they have outlived their usefullness as actual currency ... in Canada at least.   Even those who prefer not to follow political news are aware that the political party that cannot seem to accurately calculate the value of fighter jets has decided the humble penny has outlived its usefullness!
What to do with all those jars and piggy banks full of pennies?   Why not roll them up and donate them to your favourite charity?
This weekend, April Pet Valu is holding its Pet Appreciation and National Adoption weekend.  What does that have to do with pennies?  
 East Coast German Shepherd Rescue is holding a Pennies for Puppers  adoption event at the Pet Valu on Tacoma Drive in Dartmouth.   They will be bringing a few of their lovely adoptables ... so inquiring minds have a chance to get a 'sneak preview' to help them decide whether to apply:)  Even better, this store is sponsoring a pawprint donation program for the month of April, with all proceeds going to ECGSR!
And the fun doesn't stop there.   At the same time, at Pet Valu in Greenwood, CAPS is holding an Adoption Blitz as well.   Now, with well over a hundred cats in care they won't be bringing all their adoptables, but it will be a great chance to meet some of their purrfect pets and talk to the volunteers and fosters.
What time is it?   It is always time to praise both the pet supply businesses that support animal rescue ... and the rescues who recognize the value of taking it to the streets!

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