Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A pinch in time ....

Fishing season started on the first of April!  No fooling!  It would be impossible to drive down my road and be unaware of that.  At any given time of day one will see cars parked by either of the little country bridges on the way home from the village.
How does this affect dog owners?   Not at all, if they are strictly 'street people'.  However, anyone heading over hill and dale in this province will never have to hike far before they find a little river or stream.
Now experienced fishermen ... and women ....  know that the season begins well before the decent fishing actually starts.   This early in the game, the water is too high and too fast to make for truly good fishing.
In realspeak that means that most of the fishermen out right now are rookies.  Lines will be tangled and left in the stream.   Hooks can be carelessly discarded where paws and little fingers can come to grief. 
In other words, this is a very good time to tuck a little pair of pliers in one's pocket before heading out.    They are very useful for cutting that 100 pound test line that rookies in search of two pound trout somehow think they will need.  If worse comes to worse, they can snip off the barbed end of a hook (although anyone needing to do this unassisted would be well advised to make an improvised muzzle with the end of the leash.)
Its just frosting on the cake that pliers are pretty darned handy for picking up pieces of broken beer bottles and picking up rusted old beaver traps.
Here in Nova Scotia, fishermen are allowed along any riverbank.  In real speak that means that even on private land, one can easily wind up being glad the pliers are in the pocket!
What time is it?   Until the more experienced / more courteous fisherman are out and about, it is always simpler and easier to be a little prepared :)

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