Friday, April 6, 2012

Welcoming Winnie!!!

Hi there ... my name is Oscar and as the official house eldercat, I would just like to know if we kitties are going to be getting any extra treats this week!  It is a lot of work breaking in a new dog, eh?  Good grief ..... it takes time to train a dog to be a good cat warmer at night!
At least this new lad already knows the first rule of cat ... that we were here first and we rule!    Maybe it is because we are bigger than he is!   Perhaps in another galaxy far far away he may have even lived with a cat!
We think he is just so darned happy to be here that it wouldn't matter if Mom had a parakeet or a pot bellied pig or even a pony!  
At least we are not starting from scratch here!   The new 'kid' on the block is actually older than me!  That means that he is experienced enough to learn quickly.   Gee whiz .. Mom might even be able to put that new steam mop away sooner than she thinks!
Gosh ... at this rate we should have him trained in no time all!   He might be a little worse for wear.   He might have as sad a story as anyone else here.  He might still need to learn that 'making his mark' is really only a figure of speech!
But we cats have decided that Winnie will be well worth the work ... and the only questions we have left what kind of treats are we getting and when they will be here :)



ah Winnie - you have won the 'whole lotta love' lotto! Congrats on your new permanent home where you will be loved forever. So glad to hear that already you are settling in, that you are loving everyone and that you have had the great outdoors to explore and will in the future have many adventures with your extended family. Dog bless you ... and Dog Love your Mom!

Jewel said...

Welcome Winnie!!! You are such a lucky pupper to have found such a wonderful new home!!! I know you will be loved forever and a day!!!!