Thursday, October 28, 2010

Calling all couch potatoes! Sweet and snuggly little old man looking for a retirement home!

I freely admit to a fondness for older fellows ... the ones on four paws at least.  If its a crapshoot to be a homeless pet, the ante is really stepped up for the seniors.
Take Grampy for example.  If its risky business being an old pet, the odds get even worse for elder beagles.   All too often, people think that these little 'rabbit hounds' with their thin little coats actually prefer to live outside.  
So when they wander off and get lost ... instead of going out to look for them people just shrug and think that its natural for them to want to wander off and die.  Even worse are the ones who are deliberately dumped too far from home to find their way back.  Worse still are the other horrible variations of the Unhappy Tail that awaits at the end of a bullet or a needle.
People say that I'm a hopeless romantic, but I maintain the real delusionals are the ones who turn a blind eye to the outcome awaiting abandoned pets.  When Grampy was first brought to the Yarmouth SPCA, he was in terrible shape.  He was desperately thin and his nails were so long and curled he could hardly walk. 
Yet he is a dog and that means that he doesn't hold a grudge.  He may have been timid when the petfinder volunteer brought him out to take his picture, but he rapidly warmed up to snuggles and pets for her.
They say he gets along very well with cats but that bigger and more boisterous dogs make him a bit nervous.  After everything this little man has been through, who could blame him for that, eh?
What time is it?  Its time to remember that comic strips are not real life and Snoopy is the only dog that should actually live outside in a dog house.

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