Monday, October 4, 2010

Its Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!

We had a wonderful hike this morning in the woods.  October is my very favourite time for this .... but October is also Adopt a Shelter Pet Month.  Here in Nova Scotia, not all the great dogs looking for love are waiting in shelters.  We are lucky to have a such a variety of Adoption Options to choose from.
So with apologies to anyone on the off chance that I missed anyone  .... or inadvertently included a lucky Happy Tail, here are the wonderful dogs available for adoption here in beautiful Nova Scotia.  
If you are interested in anyone, they will either be on the Boy Dogs or the Girl Dogs page of the homeless pet site.  The link to their Petfinder listings is embedded in both the pics and their names.
I've brought home puppies from good breeders and adopted good dogs from rescue and I'm telling you right now that the only difference ( besides the price tag of course) is the extra satisfaction of knowing that I've made a difference by offering safe harbour to a good dog in need.
So have a look at these sweet faces and you'll see why I'm always nattering on about how there is Somebody for Everyone!

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