Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Cindy Lou is available at the Metro Shelter

We are the Happy Tails In Waiting.  Please don't misunderstand .... we are all VERY grateful to have been rescued.  For some of us, this is the first time that anyone has bothered to explain that you humans usually prefer our company when we are well behaved.
Gosh ... some of us had no idea that we are supposed to keep four paws on the floor because you humans don't always like being bowled over with enthusiasm.
But we ARE catching on quick because NOW somebody has put our paws on the right path.
Of course we KNOW that we might not be everybody's kindred spirit.  Sheesh, cute little dogs that are already well behaved and tiny little kittens need homes too, eh?
We understand that in our enthusiasm, some of us dogs might not make the best first impression.   We shelter cats know that we should pour on the charm each and every time a visitor comes here.. but gosh some of us have waited so long that we wonder if its worth the effort,hmm?
Yes we know that this Thanksgiving we all should be thankful that we are warm and safe and well fed.  But we also know that when we find our Forever Homes, somebody else in need will get a chance to be safe. 
So this weekend... all our paws will be crossed that a discerning kind heart looking to adopt will recognize as a kindred spirit and fall in love.   Now THAT would be something we would all REALLY be thankful for! 
Harriet is available for adoption from CAPS

Miss Sammy is available from ARC

Scrappy is waiting at SHAID

Brew is with Ador A Bull East
Maddie is available at the Yarmouth SPCA

Skylar is with East Coast German Shepherd Rescue

Jacob Two Two is with SCARS

Lexus is waiting with Lab Rescue

(Her) Majesty is waiting at the Yarmouth SPCA

Simon is waiting at The LA Animal Shelter

Missy is available at SHAID

Layla is with Atlantic All Dog Rescue
Abigail is at The Valley Animal Shelter

Beautiful Moka is at the Yarmouth SPCA

To meet all the other wonderful pets available for adoption in our province, please go to The Nova Scotia Homeless Pet Project,
and its companion site

HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!!  From myself and all the Happy Tails here!

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DOG LOVE YA ... and I hope it was a PURRFECT Thanksgiving for you and yours ... in a perfect world there would be no animals in need - instead we as humans would be thankful for having them share our lives...