Monday, October 25, 2010

Taking off the blinders

There was a survey on Saturday on the Herald Website asking readers whether they believed that Pet Stores should be able to sell pets.  I was delighted of course to see this, but the comments accompanying the survey really indicated just how much more mainstream education is needed on the subject.
In particular, I was struck by the rocket scientist who said " its a pet store ... what else should they sell?  Duh!"
I know I natter on like a stuck record on the subject, but we really do live in a convenience based world.  For every kind heart that cares about the chemical content of their food .. or how humanely it was raised and slaughtered ... there are dozens and dozens who are only concerned about the pricetag.  For every global villager who understands the local economic impact of outsourcing, there are hundreds more turning a deliberate blind eye if it doesn't affect their immediate circle of family and friends.
At the end of the day, people won't stop buying pets in pet stores because they have a collective epiphany .... they will stop when it is against the law.  Straight, sweet and simple.
After all, people KNOW that people like the Benoits have made a rich living peddling unfortunate .. and usually underage... puppies on the free online ad sites.  People KNOW there is only a curbside guarantee for anything there.  People KNOW all that and still persist in purchasing puppies from questionable sources through this venue.
So people aren't going to stop buying pets in pet stores until the law changes.   It doesn't even matter that it would actually be much cheaper for them to adopt a pet from rescue. 
The only thing that counts is that it is easy and simple and convenient to keep the blinders on.
Can you think of a better argument for off site adoption events?  Why not make it as easy and simple and convenient as possible for people to meet the lovely adoptables instead?  
At the end of the day ... pet stores in this province understand what most rescues still haven't grasped ... they are able to sell pets because it is convenent for people to meet them.
What time is it?  With the big money making holiday season just around the corner for pet stores, its definitely time for rescues and shelters to try taking it to the streets.

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