Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hope for the Holidays

I love doing carpentry.  There aren't enough hours in the day to do everything, but after years of creating short lived culinary treats there is something so satisfying about building things that will last.   From big projects like the play yard to little bits of shelves, its a joy to finally have a nice little workshop where I can play.
Of course I wouldn't be able to do any of this without my tools.  If you've ever bought carpentry tools, you'll know they're not cheap ... but like most amateurs over the years my little collection has grown.  
Like any amateur, tools have always topped my wish list but one way or the other, here in the real world there is no tool fairy and  somebody has originally had to pay for them.  
That's of course why I'm always nattering on like a stuck record about the free tools available for animal rescue.  One of the best ones around is the increasingly popular IAMS Home for the Holiday's campaign. 
It doesn't cost a red cent for a group or shelter to join, and they reap the benefits of free tools and even a free national advertising campaign.  Which of course was why I was so disappointed last year to see that not one single group or shelter in Nova Scotia had bothered to take the time to sign up.
How does it stack up this year?  Ever so much better!  This year there are eight groups and shelters on board :
  • SHAID, ( no surprise when they have led they way with everything else from Petfinder to embracing No Kill to promoting TNR )
  • CAPS
  • Atlantic Small Dog Rescue
  • East Coast German Shepherd Rescue
  • and all FOUR SPCA shelters!   Metro, Kings, Yarmouth and Cape Breton! 
Well then.   Now there are eight groups and shelters that have stepped up to the plate ... eight that have embraced the idea that holiday adoptions are NOT passing pets out like candy but rather they are adoptions that take place during a traditionally popular time to bring a new pet into the family.  They are groups that understand that if an adopter would pass the screening in September that same adopter should get a shot in December.
Even better ... they have all just boosted the odds for all their adoptables!
What time is it?  Its time to recognize that more holiday adoptions will reduce the consequences for animal rescue of the post holiday "buyers remorse"
But as a movement, we have to stop focusing our policies under the false premise that the public can’t be trusted, that the animals are better off dead than in the homes of those who believe that there is no better display of holiday spirit than to open their home to an animal in need. Because if there is a central lesson in the No Kill philosophy, it is that there is enough love and compassion in every community to overcome the irresponsibility of the few.  Nathan Winograd


Bev said...

I love the headline of this blog post. And I love your writing style!

I work at Iams and just wanted to say thank you for your post about Iams Home 4 the Holidays, and thank you for all you do to support orphaned pets and pet adoption. I have added your very excellent blog to my blog "roll of honor," and also mentioned your post in my weekly round up of blog posts about Iams Home 4 the Holidays.

Lastly, wanted to mention that you live in my second most favorite province, Nova Scotia (my first most favorite province being Newfoundland, where I was born). You are so lucky to live in that beautiful spot!

Nancy Job said...

I agree! Our group Affection Connection Rescue( Michigan) has said this for years that there is nothing "sinister" ( yes, a very aggressive rescue group called folks who wanted to adopt during the holidays as sinister) about folks who look to adoption during holidays. What a great time to adopt! You are off work for a few days, all the family is there to meet and greet the new furkid! We have gotten the most fabulous photos from our "holiday" adopters. They also bring them back for Photos with Santa! What a wonderful time to show and spread your love to a homeless pet. A moment in time to remember furever!