Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Its a bit of a mind flip

I love making macaroni and cheese.  Old school ... from scratch and baked until bubbly in the oven so that the whole house smells like a hug.
Is it more work than KD?  Of course it is!   More cooking means more pots .... not to mention more time and effort.  But then the best things in life are usually a little like that.
In a world where we are accustomed to seeing solutions served up in sixty minutes, we really shouldn't be surprised that senior pets can sometimes 'sit on the shelf'.   They don't fit into the stereotyped idea that so many have ... bring home a young pet to raise and train and keep for life.
And make no mistake about it ... for most kind hearts that is exactly how the journey goes .... fur life.  Nor is that a bad thing, per se ... unless one is a senior pet who still has so much love and loyalty left to offer.
Yet ... in this busy world seniors can often be the best fit for those looking to take the simple road.  When there is no time to housetrain, when adopters are looking for a pal who is ready to go right now .... senior pets aren't going to be nearly as much work as a youngster.  They bring a WYSWYG bit to the table that makes it easier for kind hearts to tell if they are truly kindred spirits.
Does the word senior put people off?  You bet.  In fact many rescues are reluctant to categorize pets as senior ... knowing full well they will be weeded out of many searches.
Should the word senior be changed?   Not if the spirit of transparency is to be adhered to.  What needs to change is how senior pets are marketed.   Their experience should be seen as an advantage for those who are either unwilling or unable to start from scratch.
What time is it?  Its always time to work at the mind set to help kind hearts see that senior pets really are more experienced at love.

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