Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NEVER too old to be loved

shel-ter:  5. a building serving as a temporary refuge or residence for homeless persons, abandoned animals, etc.
I'm sure when Watson was first brought to the Yarmouth SPCA shelter, he was pretty darned grateful to be warm and safe and not to be hungry anymore.   But if its tough to be a homeless pet, the ante really steps up for chubby middle aged fellows like Watson ... no matter how cute and snuggly and affectionate and appealing that they are.
If I fall a little in love with all the great pets that I list, I really root for the seniors.   So of course I was delighted when I had to remove Watson from my site because he had been adopted.
Now usually when dogs are returned to a rescue, there is some new little tidbit on their bio.   Maybe they'll need to obedience training... or perhaps they'll need a cat free home ... or an adult only one ... sometimes they might even need to be the only dog in the home.
So when Watson popped back up on the Yarmouth SPCA Petfinder listing, I was curious not to see any new little bits on his bio.  Why was this adorable little guy back at the shelter?
But sometimes there just isn't a good reason .... and I suppose we should just be glad for dog's sake they are welcome 'back at the inn'.  
So now .... after a tease of a taste of life in a home,  Watson is back at the shelter.  Quieter and sadder to be back .... so now when people come to the shelter he might not put his best and brightest paw forward this time.
The good news is that he is a dog, and that means that he will have even more love than anyone could possibly imagine for someone willing to give this great guy a real shot at the good life.  Even better, he's a beagle and that means there is a super sized serving of smarts in a snugly little package.
Best of all, being older means wiser and Watson is not going to need to be housetrained / learn how to leash walk/ etc.   He's just a great little guy who is ready to be someone's very best friend right now :)
What time is it?  Its always time to remember that senior pets are NEVER too old to be loved.

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