Monday, November 8, 2010

URGENT!!! Senior Dog needs a new home ASAP

UPDATE:  Basil is now in the care of Atlantic All Dog Rescue, who will now of course be looking for new home for this sweet boy.   If you, or someone you know is interested in adopting Basil, please click here for more information.

Meet Basil.  Eight years ago, he was adopted from the Yarmouth SPCA and until very recently had a happy and secure home with the same family.   Basil's primary caregiver has passed away and now the remaining members of the household are too dysfunctional to provide a secure home for this sweet senior boy.
Basil is believed to be a duck toller, corgi mix and has the short corgi legs.  I am told he is a very sweet boy, but that there was an incident with unsupervised small children in the house.  As a result, this grieving dog has been banished from the main part of the home where he has lived for eight years.
To make matters worse, the children's father wants Basil out of the house ASAP... which in realspeak means that this kind and loving dog is grave danger.
If you, or anyone you know can provide a loving, child free home for this sweet senior dog, please click here for more information


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Basil is fostering in our home and doing very well. He is well mannered,and listens well. He is house trained and though not crate trained he does sleep on his bed for the night. He is not a yappy dog, barking only at what I call appropriate times. He gets along with our 10 month old BC and 6 month old Husky/lab as well as the cats, whom he pays little attention to. He has shown no possessiveness except a warning growl when my dogs attempt to "share" his marrow bone. He eats side by side with them otherwise. He loves the outdoors and is getting lots of exercise. Hope he finds a permenant home before the holidays so he can enjoy it with his new family.