Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The More the Merrier

Meet Princess, Grey and Silver.  All three of these lovelies are fourteen and have been well loved and cared for since they were kittens by the same kind heart.  Now their "Mom" has to go into a nursing home and her family are trying to find good homes for these lovely middle aged cats.  They've been together for their whole lives, so the perfect home would have enough heart for all three, but in in this less than perfect world the family understands that might not be in the cards .... and are willing to adopt them out as individuals if necessary.
Anyone who has shared space with cats understands how much they love the company of their own kind.   Back in the day, when I was still brave enough to let my cats go outside, it was part of the daily routine to see their 'friends' pop by to visit them for a little social sunning on the boulders down by the upper pond.
These days, I think it would be a very dull life for any of my six kitties if they didn't have the others to interact with.  They groom each other.  Nap together. Whatever they are up to, they are like the marines and nobody ever gets left behind alone.
Lets face it ... life is just more fun with your friends ... and being able to share that is the best bit of living in a multicat household.
If you ... or someone you know has enough heart to open your home to these three lovely cats, please contact The Metro Shelter  , who are helping the family find homes for their mother's dear little companions.
Time spent with cats is never wasted.   Sigmund Freud


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