Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Catching a Glimpse of Butterflies

I love bumping into familiar faces when I am out and about.   Since I have retired, I have of course still been seeing my friends, but its always nice to play a quick game of catch up with anyone I used to work with.    We worked long shifts and sometimes we ate more meals together than we did with our families.
Its always great to hear that things are going well.   Its fun to hear how the bits that were on the drawing board when I left worked out. 
One of the great things about No Kill is that it HAS been around long enough so that we KNOW how the bits on the drawing board work out.   We don't have to wonder, for instance, whether off site adoptions will really work.
More aggressive adoption strategies have been so successful that they are a key part of the No Kill Equation!  Straight, sweet and simple.
That is why I am thrilled to report that CAPS is going to give off site adoptions a shot.  A while back, they contacted the Greenwood Mall to enquire about this and its no surprise to discover that they were the very first group to ask.  
By Saturday we should all be shovelled out from tonight's weather.  So if you live in the Greenwood / Kingston area, stop by the mall.   CAPS will have a table there from 11 am until three pm.  
(and before the keyboards catch on fire ... noone from this part of the Valley needs directions to the Greenwood Mall, it is the ONLY one around, eh? )
Its great to see CAPS doing this.  They take wonderful care of their kitties, but their beautiful cat cottages are a bit off the beaten path.   On Saturday, the busiest day of the week at the Mall, people will be able to meet their adorable adoptables, fill out adoption applications and even find out how they can help.
People who might never ever get up to the Ben Phinney Road.   People who are out and about with their families.  People who might otherwise just answer an ad or go up the road to the pet store in New Minas.
Its just frosting on the cake that there isn't a pet store in the mall anymore, so these will be the only pets for people to admire.
What time is it?  Its always time to applaud when rescues are willing to try something new (to them)!
If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies.   Author Unknown

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