Thursday, January 20, 2011

What a Great Gift Idea!

I honestly DO try not to play favourites, but its really hard not to like the good people at ARC.   Nor is it just for the joy that Miss Ruby and Andy have brought to my life.
Nope .. the reason I have always liked them is that they were No Kill before it was "fashionable".  Even better .. they have NEVER defined "healthy and treatable" by the dollar sign.  Best of all, they have never "cherry picked" with their intake or taken shortcuts with their standards in order to have super statistics.
Young or old, well behaved or not, cute little purebred or nondescript big mutt .... whether they are ready to go to a new home right now or need a truckload of medical/ behavioral work ... it doesn't matter.
Its just frosting on the cake that they find such fun ways to fundraise.  They were the first ones around here to do the online auction thing, to sell jewelry and now they have another Very Cool Fundraiser going on.
Have you ever wanted a professional painting of your pet?  Local artist Tracey Jessiman is generously offering to do a painting of your pet for the incredibly modest price of $100.00 ... and all proceeds are going to ARC.   ( click here to see some of her work )
To take advantage of this great opportunity, please click here to contact Tracy
What time is it?  Its always a great thing when one can find something that would make such an incredible keepsake to cherish ... or give as a very special gift. 

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