Monday, January 24, 2011

Trying to set a brush fire .....

I love having wood heat!  On a day like this its a very secure feeling to know that even if we should lose our power that we will all be warm and toasty. 
Not everyone cares for wood heat.  It is not as convenient as turning up the thermostat.   It IS a lot more housework.  
And it does take a couple of hours before the wood stove properly warms up the house.   
Now I know that there are many folks out there who are comfortable with leaving a fire on when they are out or home asleep .. but I am not that gal.   Is it because I have a good energy efficient wood stove that continues to radiate heat for hours after the fire burns down to coals?  
Nope!  It is simply that, even with good smoke and carbon detectors, I am responsible for my six cats and three dogs.  It is because I have actually lived through a fire and I know that if the worst happens, there isn't a lot of time.
But I am ... as always ... wandering afield here.   Last night when we went to bed it was 75 degrees in the kitchen.   It was so comfy and warm with a bed full of cats and dogs that we slept in until nine this morning, so it was no surprise to see that it was 58 degrees in the kitchen this morning.
If the mercury can drop twenty degrees in a well insulated home, just imagine how it is for any unfortunate dog outside trying to survive this bitter day, even in an insulated dog house.
Last night on Facebook, my friends were all full of angst about people who leave their dogs chained out 24/7.   Is that a bad thing?  Of course not!
But it would be a MUCH better thing if they could hold onto some of that angst long enough to let their MLA know how important Anti Tethering Legislation is to them as tax paying voters.
Unfortunately, venting on facebook is like preaching to the choir.   After all, odds are pretty good that nobody on their friend lists actually chain out their dogs. 
Last year when the dog froze to death in Cape Breton, my friend Joan started a petition to try to show there was strong public support for anti tethering legislation.  How many people signed it?  Four.  Not four thousand.  Not four hundred.  Not four dozen.  Four!
There is a facebook group Break the Chain in NS.  How many people joined?   57!
Position statements and press releases are dandy.  But at the end of the day, only Anti Tethering Legislation will provide meaningful protection for dogs.
What time is it?  Its time to 'share' these sentiments with our MLAs if we really want to 'bring the dogs in'!
It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds. - Samuel Adams

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