Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In Praise of Breed Rescue

One of the best bits about being retired is Not having to head out when we have our worst winter weather.   It is SO much easier to appreciate the season when one can stay home and savour the simple pleasures, eh?
But .. while we were all hunkered down to ride out this cold snap, a dear friend of mine was making a quick road trip to Montreal.  Why on earth would anyone do that in weather like this?
Love.  Straight, sweet and simple.   There is a beautiful, four year old Wolfhound who has captured her heart and is now going to have her first chance at the good life that all dogs should have.
How did a Wolfie make her way across the country to find a wonderful new home in Nova Scotia?  Breed Rescue is how!
Lets face it .... Breed Rescues are often like little hidden treasures.   No rescue group really has any advertising budget, so many kind hearts go their entire lives without knowing about Breed Rescues.
Why would that be?  Wouldn't everyone interested in a specific breed do their homework?  
Hmmm.   Regional and National Breed Associations usually list contacts for Breed Rescue on their web pages.   But ... not everyone who wants a purebred is planning on showing their pup.   In many cases, people simply want the breed they are familiar with so that they know what to expect.    They love the breed because its unique qualities are a good fit for their lives and are not willing to invest the time and yes money to bring home a National Best in Breed.
And before the Keyboards catch on fire, I have no bones to pick with reputable breeders.   The few dedicated folks willing to take the time and energy and expense to maintain breed standards are not the ones peddling their puppies in pet stores and on Kijiji, eh?    They are Not the ones indiscriminately breeding without genetic screening or attention to bloodlines.
We are lucky here in Nova Scotia to have so many hardworking Local Breed Rescue Groups.     Even better, from my little birds eye view, I have seen that our NS Rescue groups generally will unite in the search for a specific breed for a good preapproved home.
Am I excited for my friend about her new dog?  You Bet!  Am I thrilled for Maggie because I KNOW what a wonderful 180 her life path has just taken?  Of course!
But ... the 'catanddogmother' in me is almost as excited about the idea that a Very Widely Read Blog will be helping to get the word out that it is possible to adopt a purebred.    
Who knows what wonderful things will come of that?

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The 'splorin' Wolfies said...

Thank you Janet, that is a sweet post--Maggi's blog is up now!