Thursday, January 6, 2011

Sophie's Choice

Webmaster Note - Sat Jan 15th at 2pm
I was just talking to the lovely folks at SHAID and am thrilled to be able to say that Sophie has been adopted!!!!    Have a wonderful life beautiful girl!

My best friend had a rottweiler who (miraculously) lived to be thirteen ... so I'm not just blowing smoke when I say that Rottis are like peaches ... their already lovable selves just get sweeter as they age.  
Admittedly, I fall a little in love with every dog that I list on the homeless pet site ... but every now and then there is one that just tugs a little harder at the heartstrings.
Yesterday, I listed Sophie on the site .... and so today I called SHAID for a bit more information in order to do her blog post on the Senior Pet Blog and get ready to do a listing for her on the senior pet site.
Every second word in the conversation was sweet .... she loves everyone, on four paws and two .... and all the humans and the dogs respond accordingly.   Sophie might not be the speediest dog at the shelter and it sometimes takes her a few minutes to get up out of her kennel ...but that is easily outweighed by her gentle grace and ( yup you got it ) sweet disposition.
There is never any way to predict how many years of love any pet of any age has to offer.  If you want a guarantee ... get an appliance or a truck.  
By our best estimate, Andy was thirteen when he was rescued ( hard to be precise for a fellow with two teeth, eh? ).  That means that he is likely fourteen headed for fifteen now and is still doing fine.  
As a matter of fact ... now that he has the security of a 'steady gig' he has more spring in his step and is steadier on his pins that when he first came here. He is all terrier - all the time - and as dear to me now as any dog that has grown old here.
The point I am making in my usual babbling way is that senior pets have their own endearing charm that easily transcends any physical challenges they might have.   Its just frosting on the cake that they like a good nights sleep every bit as much as you do:)
It wasn't Sophie's choice to be left in the lurch.  It wasn't Sophie's choice to have to struggle to survive in the cold of winter.  Still ... its clear that it IS Sophie's choice not to hold a grudge.
To be perfectly honest, I actually envy the kind heart who will have the joy of the journey of becoming Sophie's Choice.

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Chocolate Labrador Puppies said...

Nice post and i have gone through the whole article which really touched my heart and brought tears in my eyes. I think the pictures are enough to tell the story. By the way thanks for sharing.