Friday, April 1, 2011

Before we go fishing .....

Fishing season starts today ... no fooling!   On our way home from the woods there were a few diehards down at the bridge ... but its early days for us to even think about heading out.
There are as many different approaches to fishing as there are fishermen.  This early in the season, the water is too high and fast for much success ... so it as much social networking as anything else.  ( The subject of how one is cautioned not to eat more than one trout a day is a very interesting topic for another blog with a different focus than mine ... although in all honesty it will likely be just as big a gamble to buy fish anywhere for the next few years ...sigh )
For some it is the sweet taste of solitude.  For others, it represents the continuity of sharing something with the next generation.
Further in the season, for my best friend and I, it has always represented an opportunity to spend time out on the lake away from it all. No kids.  No neighbours.  No TV and no phone. 
I bring my floppy hat and my (paper) notepad.   He brings his camera and binoculars ... and oh yes a fishing rod :)  Am I looking forward to it?  You bet!
But before all of that, there are things that must be done here at home.   The garden will need to be tilled, planted, weeded and well settled.   The cattery must be built and the scarecrows set up.  Shutters have to be painted and the house siding spruced up with a good powerwash.
The old folks have a saying ... peel the apple in your hand not the one on the tree.   Right here, right now, I am more worried about the whole dog bylaw issue.  I am hoping that when we go out on the water that cooler heads will have prevailed and that this particular BSL crisis will have passed as well.

Why did the last crisis pass? Was it because the society stepped in with a strong public statement.  No sir!  In all fairness, this time there is a different BOD lalong with a bright shiny new Executive Director ... so it remains to be seen what tack will be taken this time, eh?
Straight, sweet and simple .. it was nipped in the bud by strong voter feedback summoned at the grassroots level. 
Before BSL becomes like a runaway train here in Nova Scotia, its important to remember the power of strong voter feedback.   It is the reason that links to all the politicians who represent us at every level are included in the sidebar and the footer.  
It doesn't matter if you live in Yarmouth.  It doesn't matter if you have a poodle or a greyhound or cat or a budgie.  What matters is that you exercise that basic democratic right to let the people who represent you know that you are an animal lover and that your Nova Scotia does not include BSL. 

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